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Reasons Why You Should Choose A Female Dentist in Phoenix Arizona
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Phoenix patients that live or work in the greater Phoenix are often incredibly busy with career, hobbies, friends, and family. But having clean breath and a brilliant, straight, white smile is crucial to many of our patients’ career and social goals. Our patients love how compassionate and gentle Dr. Myers is during their treatment. They also enjoy her office’s convenient location just off the AZ-51 freeway. But on top all of that, there are some additional benefits to choosing a female dentist. Several academic studies have explored the differences between male and female dentists. The results are great and show that female dentists are a huge benefit for patients. This holds several key benefits for patients.

Traits of a great dentist include understanding, honesty, empathy, humanity, and commitment. Women are perceived to encompass these characteristics. Therefore, many patients seek out women dentists to take care of their dental needs.

Why Choose a Female Dentist?

People have several different reasons for seeking out a female dentist. For some, it’s a matter of hand size. Women typically have smaller hands, making it less uncomfortable for patients to have them in their mouth. For many female patients, the comfort of having a dentist of the same gender is the most important factor.

Many patients see females as more nurturing and compassionate than men, and choose a female dentist with the idea that she will comfort and calm them during a process many patients fear. Studies have shown that women are better listeners than men, so patients feel comfortable that a female dentist will hear their concerns. The listening attribute of a female dentist is a comforting quality. Also, most women have a better sense of décor than men, and that helps them design their office in a manner that calms their patients and outs them at east as soon as they walk in the door.

Why work with Dr. Myers

Dr. Myers is regarded as one of the top Paradise Valley AZ dentists. You can rest assured that you’ll receive the personalized attention you deserve. We will listen to your needs and answer all your questions. Plus, you’ll receive a complete and thorough exam, including oral cancer and gum disease exams, at no additional charge.
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